Episode 3 : Cosplay Weddings

Sorry about the lateness of this episode: It’s a very, very busy week. Also, we tried a different method for recording.


The Girls talk about Cosplay, Weddings, and Cosplay Weddings. We also discuss our disapproval of the more Star Wars movies, and our approval of the new G.I.Joe flick.

Kamui Motoaki
An article relieving us of the Star Wars stress

Music was Find Myself by JPCorwyn


Episode 2: Asimov is Spinning in His Grave

Click for Download

Click for Download

Sako talks about the new transformers movie, as well as her obsession with Robots.

Also: Happy Birthday, Nikolai Tesla!

An example article concerning Transformers Racism

Joe Silver
Elisse Hamu
Rachel Fogg
Paradox Lost

Music was Wait by French.

Episode 1: Flight of the Valkyries III and Adventures in the MidWest


This episode, Nina and Sako talk about their trip to the Flight of the Valkyries III, a metal festival celebrating female vocalists in St. Paul, Minnesota in late June.

Station 4 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Station 4 in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Nina at the Foster Cheese Haus in Wisconsin


Nina at the Original Gino's East in Chicago, Illinois

Flight of the Valkyries Festival

Kaptivating Kate
Sirens of Titan
ADD: Analog Digital Disorder
Luna Mortis

“Death in the Hollow” by Blood Corps, Nina’s band.

Hello, boys and girls.

Welcome to the official blog for The Duchy of Dork Radio Show, a podcast of two hot chicks geeking out about gaming, music, art and internet miscellanea.

If there is anything you’d love to hear us talk about, please, leave a comment and tell us. Both Sako, the Daimyo of Dork, and Nina, the Duchess of Dork, have a plethora of skills and interests to make this interesting.

  • Gaming (board, card, table top, PC, Console)
  • Comic Books (from both reader and production POV)
  • SCA and Darkon
  • photography, modeling and Art
  • Pinup  (from Vargas to Suicide Girls)
  • Writing Fiction, poetry, comics and music
  • Japanese culture (food, anime, music, etc)
  • Heavy Metal and Electronica music (from both listener and production POV)
  • Lean towards the villainous end of things (Yuan Ti, Drow, Horde, House Kurita, Galactic Empire, etc etc)
  • History (particularly fond of WWII and the Tudor eras.)
  • Bellydancing
  • Robots
  • Mythology

The list goes on. Don’t be ashamed: share your geekdoms with us!

Also, if you are a band looking for exposure, please drop us a line as well. We reserve a spot in the middle of our podcasts to promote musicians. Everything is screened, so don’t be shy. ❤

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